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The 28th Amendment of our Constitution takes effect on January 27th – in mere days.

Have you read our letters? When will the Equal Rights Amendment be published?

We have provided a draft letter to Senators Durbin, Blumenthal and Klobuchar to send to the President.  Please join them in sending or send it yourself immediately. You can find the letter here:  

Time is of the essence.


We fought for nearly 100 years for Constitutional equality and finally won.


The failure to publish the ERA is not only an abuse of power and a dereliction of the duties of the Executive Branch to publish “forthwith,” but it is a continued blatant undermining of our democracy.


The 28th Amendment must be published before it takes effect on the January 27th or its validity will be undermined - giving the damaging and false perception that it has not taken effect or is flawed. Forcing 167 million women and girls to fight, yet again, for what has already been earned. Forcing us to beg for acknowledgement.


Please send the letter and get the Biden/Harris Administration out of the way. The Executive Branch has no role here.  We the People have spoken.


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